Self-Pub Authors: Writing a Blurb for Your Book Cover

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Journalism, Writing
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It’s been a while, but I’ve written a new article for Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors. This one is called Writing a Blurb for Your Book Cover and has some wonderful tips for writing that little summary on the backs of books that you read before you decide whether or not you want to invest time and money in reading this book.

If you like the article, please let me know. And if you like what you read and want to read more, please check out the rest of the website. Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors is a website from indie authors, by indie authors, and for indie authors in order to help authors write, edit, market, and publish in an easy and affordable manner. You never know what bit of advice might help you publish that next big novel.

All for now. See you later, my Followers of Fear. I’ve got to get to class.

  1. Anthony Wade says:

    Some of the best advice I got for writing blurbs was to focus on the 1st 30 pages.

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