This particular short story could also be called “My tribute to Stephen King’s Carrie without any psychic or telekinetic elements”. I basically took the idea of a girl getting revenge on the bullies in her life through supernatural means and wrote a dark and powerful story around it. And it involved tigers, too (my favorite animal), so I definitely had fun writing it.

The Day The Tigers Came To School is a story with a very interesting evolution. It merely started out as a story about a school being invaded by tigers and wolves with some sort of strange twist about how they got there. Then I dropped the wolves because that’s just too much for one short story and I like tigers more. Then I added the bullying/revenge theme. Then I played around with different ways the plot could go, even while I was writing the story. 4,159 words later I have a new short story that pushed boundaries even for me.

By boundaries, there were a couple of moments where things got incredibly graphic in detail. It was enough to make me wonder if I shouldn’t hold back a little in writing something so terrifying. But then I reasoned, if it makes me a little hesitant, it will probably scare the pants off of anyone who reads it. And that’s basically my goal in writing. So I relaxed the restraints and just went with it. I’m glad I did, because the story’s much better that way.

Well, I’m going to let a friend give me some feedback on it, and then I’ll…save it for my next short story collection. Yes, I’m doing another short story collection, which I’ve tentatively entitled Dead and Dying (it was going to be Dead and Dying Teens but I thought that since some of the stories might not involve teens, I dropped that part). I can’t confirm content or release date, but I can tell you that this time around I want at least eight short stories, this one and a couple of others among them. When it gets closer to me actually releasing the book, I’ll make sure everyone knows.

In the meantime, tomorrow evening (work and homework permitting, of course), I plan to start up again work on Laura Horn. It’s been put on hold long enough and I want to get it at least halfway done before I leave for my study abroad trip. Then this summer I can edit it along with Video Rage. Wish me luck on the project. I still have more than half the novel left to write! It’s not going to be easy.

Well, I’ve got work tomorrow, so I’m heading to bed. You all have a lovely evening and have pleasant nightmares. Goodnight, my Followers of Fear.

  1. Joel Ungar says:

    Maybe you could also do one on when the Detroit Tigers came to town?

    • Yeahhh…probably not. Not a big baseball fan. Not enough to write about it anyway. Sorry.

      • About 15 years ago, I listened to some mystery books (back when it was books on tape). The character was a utility ball player named Mickey Rawlings who played in the Major Leagues back in the 1910s. Good field, no hit. Would be on a new team every year. So he wrote “Murder at Fenway Park” (Boston Red Sox) and “Murder at Ebbets Field” (Brooklyn Dodgers). Then he wrote (maybe I’m getting the order wrong) “Hunting a Detroit Tiger.” He also wove in social themes appropriate for the era. One of the books dealt with racism in baseball and the KKK. “Hunting a Detroit Tiger” dealt with labor/union issues. And of course there was a murder that Mickey solved.

        I’d forgotten all about these books until now.

      • I’ve never heard of them. They sound intense though. Maybe I’ll check them out.

  2. I wouldn’t say they were intense but I enjoyed them.

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