Life is rarely straightforward. That is a fact. People change, or their thoughts and feelings change, new paths open up in front of you, and your understanding of the world never fits in the box you want it to (that last one isn’t really relevant to what I’m going to talk about here, but I felt like stating it anyway). And my life and feelings have changed. I need a break from what I’m doing right now. I need to do something different if I’m to pursue my goals in life.

With that said, I need to shut down Rami Ungar the Writer. At least for a little while.

I’m kidding. But for a split second, you bought that. You did, and it worried you for a little bit.

No, what I really mean is that I need to take a break from Full Circle. A very long break.

You see, I’ve been working on that novel since November, eight months in total. And I’ve only taken some occasional breaks, each working on a couple of short stories, and then getting back into it. And you know what? I’m a little burnt out. Normally by this time, I’m already finished with the first draft, but I’m only a little over the halfway point. And when I think of getting into the next chapter, I’m filled with dread, because it’s likely going to be a long chapter, and I’ve been dealing with this story for eight months straight, and it has not been easy at times.

All writers get like this. Yeah, we do. There are times when we’ve devoted so much energy to a story, that we need a break if we’re to give it more and give it the energy it needs. And honestly, I’m at that point. It’s nothing I did wrong or anyone else did wrong. There’s nothing big in my life that’s making me super happy or super miserable, thus causing me to think, “I can’t work on finishing the Reborn City trilogy right now.” Nope, it’s just me needing some distance and the chance to work on something else. And I need a long something else. Because if I take on a project, and it only lasts a month at most, I won’t be ready to work on Full Circle again. I’d be ready to bang my head against a wall in frustration, but I wouldn’t be ready for FC again.

Which is why I have the perfect project:

Some of you may recall that during my last year of college, I wrote a novel called Rose as my thesis. The story was about a young woman with amnesia who starts transforming into a plant creature. And that may sound comical, but it’s actually pretty dark, exploring themes of dependence and abuse in romantic relationships, as well as how memory, truth, and falsehoods can shape not just our perceptions of others, but of ourselves. It was a challenging novel, to say the least, but I managed to get two drafts of it written between August 2014 and April 2015, and they turned out okay. I let it lie for a while when I was in Germany and during my job search, and tried working on it again after I moved into my new apartment and started my job. For a number of reasons, it didn’t go well. Mostly because I didn’t have a plan for editing it beyond, “Let’s sit down in front of the computer and see what happens.”

My new project: the third draft of Rose.

But since then, I figured out a plan to help me get along with editing in general (see my post on that on Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors. It has a similar opening to this blog post). I’ve also had plenty of time to think about changes I’d like to make to the story, and to the characters, and I’ve really been itching to take a crack at it again. And I’m pretty sure that, once I get another draft of Rose done, I’d be ready to send this story to an editor, and then maybe to an agent or publishing house.

So starting very soon, I’ll be taking another dive into Rose. It probably won’t happen until after I get back from Boston, but after that and I’ve done all the travelogues and checked my new digital recorder for ghost voices, you can bet that I’ll be working on my new project with gusto. Until then, Followers of Fear, wish me luck as I work on a couple new blog posts, and as I prepare myself mentally and emotionally for what will hopefully be a very successful third draft and a very refreshing break.

Pleasant nightmares!

  1. You did scare me! LOL! But yes, sometimes we need a break because we’re just drained on a particular project and we need to recharge.

    • My blog’s tagline is “Scared yet? My job here is done.” I’m glad someone’s willing to admit that I’m doing it somewhat right. 😉

      Yeah, I’m looking forward to a little rejuvenation. Hopefully this time around I can finish the draft and be proud of it too.

  2. Angela Misri says:

    Whoah, scared me too, but I’m glad to hear you’re going to go back to Rose. I do that all the time, Rami, switch between projects, especially when I write myself into a corner and can’t figure out a way back out. Good luck, and give yourself a break eh? Don’t hold yourself to mad standards. Do what you can, write what you can, and keep sharing what you can. Trust me, we’re impressed.

    • Thanks Angela, both for the encouragement and for admitting I scared you a little. I’m on a roll lately!

      And I seriously think this break will be good for me. Who knows? It may even lead to something that a publisher might want to publish. Fingers crossed, anyway.

  3. My eyes grew wide when you said you were going to shut down the blog. What a way to get people’s attention. LOL I thought you had decided to stop writing for a while.

    I understand why you need the break from Full Circle. I get that way when I work in only one genre. It’s why I make sure I’m working in multiple romances at any one time. It is draining to keep on with the same thing all the time. Your stuff is longer than mine, too.

    I hope Rose will be the refreshing change you need!

    • Three for three startled/scared/surprised by my prank. Not bad.

      I’m not sure I could work in multiple stories as I am now. With work and all that, I’d be drained 24/7. But I am hopeful. I think I could do some amazing things with Rose. I just need to get to work.

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