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It’s finally here! With four days until Rose releases, we have a cover, made courtesy of The Gilded Quill. Take a look.

Now how about that? It’s very much influenced by fantasy, which is a big element of the novel. Though if you see this book in a bookstore and think it’s a typical fantasy, you’d be very much mistaken. In fact, here’s the blurb we’ve been using:


When Rose Taggert wakes up in a greenhouse, the past two years missing from her memory, she has no idea what is in store for her. Her body changes, transfigured into a new, plant-like form by Paris Kuyper, a student and her self-proclaimed lover who used an ancient family grimoire to save Roseā€™s life. While Rose is at first willing to trust Paris and work with him to recover her memories and the supposed love they shared, it soon becomes clear her lover is not all he seems. In a short time, she decides to put love and memories aside in favor of survival.

But a rose may be defenseless when a storm surrounds it. And Rose may only be able to stand for so long against the forces swirling around her.

So as you can tell, this is a lot darker than your average fantasy story. In fact, it’s fantasy-horror. And from what I’ve shared with people, they’ve responded well.

Speaking of which: advanced copies will end up being sent out Wednesday. Yeah, sucks. We were hoping to have them out today, but perfection can’t be rushed, and we wanted to make sure the book comes out as pristine as possible.

On the bright side, the book will still be released Friday, and preorder links and everything will be up as the advanced copies are sent out. It’s all happening rather fast, but I think it’s going to be magnificent once it does come out.

Well, I hope, anyway. Let’s see what the reviews say when those start popping up.

Anyway, that’s all for now, my Followers of Fear. I’ve got to get started on dinner and get a lot more marketing work done before Rose is released. However, I might have another post, this one not Rose-related, out tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it.

Until next time, pleasant nightmares.

I told you I was going to get back to Video Rage, and so I have! And how I’m doing it! Ladies and gentlemen, Followers of Fear of all ages, I give you the cover for Video Rage!

VR CS front cover

Pretty awesome, right? And I somehow managed to get most of Joleene’s amazing artwork into the front cover (artwork assembled with contributions by artjazz, welcomia, Maltaguy1, kirstypargeter, and Joleene Naylor herself. Yes, I’m obligated to say that). Createspace wanted to cut off most of it, but I resized the picture and voila! We got ourselves a cover.

I also wrote out the blurb that will go on Video Rage‘s back cover and on the online descriptions. I think it describes a pretty epic story without giving away too much. However, there is some spoilers for Reborn City in the first paragraph, so if you think there’s even the slightest chance you’ll read RC and you don’t want any surprises to be spoiled, you’ll skip beyond the bold warning sign below until you’re past the safety point. Anyway, here’s the description I went with:


When Zahara Bakur was forced to join the Hydras, she had no idea that the leaders of the growing street gang got their superpowers from the shadowy Parthenon Company. Nor did she ever expect that after Parthenon’s CEO Jason Price was done with the Hydras, he would try to have them killed. Or that she and her friends would have to flee in order to survive.

In the epic sequel to Reborn City, Rami Ungar takes us further into the world of Anno Bombus as Zahara and her friends try to outrun Jason Price and the numerous forces sent against them. With tensions high in the group and old enemies hot on their trails, the Hydras will be tested beyond their limits if they hope to survive what fate has in store for them.

And maybe find hope in the most unlikely of places.


What do you think? Personally I like it, but then again I’m biased.

I’m also pleased to announce that Video Rage‘s e-book is available for pre-order from Amazon. It will probably become available for pre-order from other sites, but for now it’s just from Amazon. And only in e-book, unfortunately: for some reason, you can’t do pre-orders with the print paperbacks when you use Createspace.* Why can’t I do that, I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m including links for VR‘s Amazon page. When more links are available–some of which allow pre-orders–I’ll post those. I’ll also be posting an excerpt and interviews with some of the characters over the next couple of weeks. And if any of the blogs on my blog tour post anything, I’ll make sure to repost it here. With any luck, I’ll get you all interested in reading the new book!

Reborn City's cover

Reborn City’s cover

So if you’re interested, here’s the Amazon link for Video Rage.Ā And if you’re interested in reading the first book, I’ll include the links for that down below. Reborn City is my first published novel, and by far it’s my most popular novel, the story of what happens when a girl named Zahara Bakur isĀ forced to join a street gang named the Hydras in a dystopian city-state. The story contains themes of gang violence, prejudice, drug addiction, and, most important of all, overcoming what others think you are.

If you think that’d be something up your alley, you can check it outĀ on Amazon, Createspace, Barnes & Noble,Ā Nook, and Smashwords, with more links to follow. And you can read an excerpt from RC here, if you’re still unsure but want a sample before you make a final decision. And if you like what you read, please make sure to leave a review. Positive or negative, I always love and appreciate getting feedback from my readers.

That’s all for now, my Followers of Fear. Expect more from me pretty soon. AndĀ happy reading.

*If I’m wrong, please inform me now and tell me what I need to do.