Some of you know about my short story available for ebook, entitled Daisy. I published it well before I ever published The Quiet Game or Reborn City as an experiment to see what would happen if I published something on Amazon and on Smashwords. Even I admit, I didn’t think it was one of my best works. I wrote it back high school after having a very vivid and disturbing dream, and was determined to see it published one way or another. Why would I do that if I know it’s not one of my best? Maybe because that dream was pure gold for coming up with a creepy story, maybe because I wanted the dream to be a prophecy of things to come. Who knows? All I know is I published it and sold about 219 copies, most of them through Smashwords because it’s free-of-charge there.

Well, since it’s publication it’s got a couple of reviews, most of them through Amazon, and to my surprise most of them are good. I’ve posted already about the one review that I got through Smashwords, so I’d like to dedicate this post to the ones through Amazon. The oldest review, entitled daisy-short story, is three stars and written by Richard Warren, who is my grandfather and is not afraid to criticize my work if he feels it’s inadequate. Here’s what he had to say:

Interesting, but could be better.  Holds the reader, I would like the story to be longer & a bit more in depth

I think when I wrote this, it was in the days where I was afraid to write short stories over five-thousand words because I was afraid that they’d be rejected for length regardless of the quality of the story. That might explain why it’s not very lengthy or in-depth, Grandpa. Still, I appreciate the feedback. The next review comes from Lorna Dounaeva, another independent author and blogger here on WordPress. Giving Daisy a whopping five stars and entitling her review Scary short story with some great touches of realism, here’s what she had to say:

When a young girl, Marie is abducted by a stranger, she knows she has to figure out a way to escape. She manages to get out of the room where she is being held, but the man, who calls her ‘Daisy’, thinking she is his lost love, has boarded up all exits. Marie is left with a terrible dilemma – should she make a run for it, or hide in the building and wait it out? How long will she have to wait before the man lets his guard down and she gets her chance to escape, and how will she survive in the mean time?

Sounds like the blurb for a movie, Lorna. Thank you for your review. And most recently, we have my cousin A. Frankel, who just gave Daisy a five star review (which makes me wonder if she’s just being nice or if she really feels the way she feels about it). Entitling her review Very creepy, this is what she had to say:

  This book is scary! Don’t read it late at night or you’ll be up all night! It was a good book–very well written

I like the idea of being able to keep someone up all night just by my scary writing. And I’m glad you think it’s well-written. I really appreciate it, A. Frankel.

But like I was saying earlier, I didn’t think much of this short story even though I decided to publish it. So when people actually take the time to read it and post a positive review, I not only feel grateful, but I also feel slightly bemused that people think so highly of it. I guess it’s true what they say: every author is the worst judge of their own work. But really, thanks to all the people who’ve post reviews of Daisy on Amazon. It means a lot to me and I always appreciate your feedback.

If you would like to read Daisy, it’s available from Amazon for ninety-nine cents and from Smashwords for no charge. If you like it or hate it, please make sure to post a review on either website and let me know. I always appreciate feedback, as this post has shown. Have a lovely day, everybody.

  1. You’re making good progress as an author, even with how busy you are. Impressed.

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